Mayaleaks is a new space for civil society to meet and collaborate, created in January 2015, in the city of Mérida, by several Yucatecan organizations with different tasks each, but united, in this case, by the same concern: the growing lack of transparency and accountability of those in power in Yucatán.

The term Mayaleaks refers to two concepts: Mayab, the ancient name for what we know today as the Yucatan Peninsula; and leaks, the English word for drip, seepage.

With this we want to point out that our concern about corruption and the lack of transparency of the public authorities goes beyond the Yucatecan territory and also that Mayaleaks is not only a site to disseminate the investigations and reports on transparency of our network of collaborators, including IGC, but also a safe and reliable space for citizens who wish to "leak" documents that contribute to stop the advance of corruption and impunity.

The following organizations have collaborated at different times:
  • Frente Cívico Familiar.
  • Citizen Power. Colectivo 4 Julio.
  • Freethinkers of Mexico, A.C.
  • Movimiento Ciudadano por el Análisis y la Reflexión (Citizen Movement for Analysis and Reflection).
  • Un Millón de Jóvenes por México, Mérida node.
  • IGC Bloomberg

All of them have contributed in an open and independent way, their ideas and information without the obligation to endorse all the works presented here, because in Mayaleaks we understand and accept that diversity of thought is a fundamental part of democracy.

We accept the collaboration and contribution of any group, linkedin group, civil organization or citizen who wishes to participate in a non-profit, independent, non-partisan way and whose participation is given in accordance with the following principles that govern the actions of Mayaleaks:
  • Autonomy. We work with independence and self-determination, without being subject to external political, economic or religious influences.
  • Commitment. We fulfill our objectives and principles, with responsibility towards the country, Yucatan and society.
  • Professionalism. We are committed to the quality of our services.
  • Respect. We are committed to conduct ourselves with respect for all ideas and people.
  • Fairness. We promote a professional and plural organization, guaranteeing equal opportunities among people, considering the differences and particular capacities and avoiding any type of discriminatory practice.
  • Collaboration. We value teamwork, seeking to contribute and receive.

Our objectives are:

  • To help combat two burdens of our society: corruption and impunity and also to facilitate that citizens move from complaint to action.
  • To encourage corruption in Yucatan to stop taking place in a scenario of "high profits and low risk", to become one of "low profits and high risks".
  • To put pressure on politicians and civil servants to report their decisions and justify them in public.
  • Contribute to strengthening the capacity of citizens to obtain and use public information for social benefit, facilitate the oversight of government activities and democratize the State, its agencies and society itself.
  • Promote the culture of informed and responsible citizen denunciation.
  • Develop the capacity of citizens to socially and politically sanction public servants who incur in acts of corruption.
  • To take advantage of the institutional mechanisms of transparency and access to public information to allow society to know, participate and permanently evaluate -and not only periodically by means of suffrage- governmental management and the performance of public servants.
  • To consolidate ourselves, in the future, as a specialized work team that manages to make transparent spaces of opacity, to transfer and/or receive capacities from other similar civil organizations and to be a reliable and influential interlocutor, generator of opinion and reference in the promotion of transparency and accountability.

TEAM: It is made up of members of civic organizations and dozens of citizens committed to the healthy development of our state, who contribute their time and experience for the preparation of special reports, reports and the management of other Mayaleaks services.